Where Kids can be Kids, Bugs can be Bugs, and God can be God

Maggie McNair's World
A Christian TV Series for Kids

With an established creative team, we are eagerly awaiting production, but need your help.

The development of this project has been a labor of love and a journey of growth in God. Our mission is for the adventurous Maggie McNair and her comical bug friends to inspire children to be a ‘light’ in a world that is filled with darkness. We want to better equip them with the knowledge of Christ in a fun and visually engaging way, without being “preachy.” There is an overwhelming need for wholesome, godly entertainment for children, and we believe that Maggie McNair’s World is going to make a difference.

Our vision is to produce an animated series consisting of 11 minute episodes and deliver them to platforms children use daily. The storylines are filled with adventure, and the lively characters will become virtuous role models for children of all ages.

But first, Maggie and her friends need a breath of life. We are asking for someone who shares the same heart and vision to help by funding this project and becoming part of our team. We believe in God’s timing, as well as His divine connections, and are asking our Father, in the name of Jesus, to lead the right person to us.

We humbly ask that you join us in prayer and share our message with your family, friends and community. To contact us, please email

In Christ,

The Maggie Team