Teaching children to KNOW God
Because the world will teach them not to.


Maggie McNair's World
A Christian TV Series for Kids

Please watch our Proof of Concept video to get a taste of the content we would like to provide.

We humbly ask that you partner with our team by praying for us, sharing this campaign, and giving financially to make this a reality. What an amazing way to sow seeds for future generations!  Every dollar you give will enable our team to concentrate their talents into creating entertainment dedicated to planting truth, positivity, and wholesomeness in the hearts of our children.


About Maggie McNair's World

When stepping into the supernatural everyday life of Maggie, children will encounter a world of adventure where grace and faith abound and love never fails.

The story lines reveal Maggie McNair's desire to find her true identity while learning the truth and fullness of God's Word.  

Maggie's nine bug friends help her dig deep into the Word of God while demonstrating the fruit of the Spirit. They rejoice at her readiness and the opportunity to share with her the promises of the abundant inheritance Christ has provided.

Children are drawn into the lessons taught to Maggie, and the seeds of God's Word are planted in the hearts of the youngest generation to bring forth a mighty harvest.

Please Share With Your Friends & Family

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. 

We have been working day and night on this project for many months and it is finally ready to share with the world. Social Media gurus are welcome to help.  We would LOVE to have a few people dedicated to getting this campaign out there.  

We also NEED help from "The Church."  We are asking our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to PLEASE share this in your churches, contacts, social media platforms, newsletters, in your communities, and with your friends and family.  This is much too large of a project to financially do on our own.  One offering in a service could make this a reality.  Prayerfully consider partnering with us. :)